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Alanya Dolphin Show

We make your holiday unique and memorable thanks to the various activities and tours that we offer to all our guests who come to Alanya. Standard rest on the beach or in a hotel by the pool also has a place to be, however, it is unlikely that you will remember it for long. But the Alanya Dolphin Show will give you an opportunity to have a great and fun time with your family. This is one of the most popular events that we organize, especially for guests with children. But on the Alanya Dolphin Show and adults can enjoy socializing with cute animals.

All you need to do is contact us and reserve a place to participate in the Dolphin Show. The show takes place in one of the largest dolphin parks in Europe, in Sealanya Seapark. This park is located in the district of Turkler, 20 km from the center of Alanya. At this event you will have a great time watching the dolphins perform the most amazing jumps and stunts. In addition, you or your children can also swim with animals in the pool.

Dolphin show tour is organized twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon. The morning tour takes place from 09.00 to 12.30, the afternoon tour runs from 14.00 to 17.30.

Alanya Dolphin Show Program

The entertainment tour to Seapark starts at 9 am, when the transfer takes our guests from their hotels and takes them to the show. Transfer in the morning and in the evening after the show to the hotel is included in the tour price. A visit to the Alanya Dolphin Show is also included in the tour price. But swimming with dolphins, food and drinks, photo and video filming, as well as other expenses are not included in the tour price and are paid extra on request.

Rare bottle-nosed dolphins, South American sea lions and fur seals take part in the Alanya Dolphin Show. After the show you can communicate with animals, feed and pet them. Additional features in the tour program and requirements for them:

  • Guests who want to participate in one of the shows with balls and rings, must make a pre-order.
  • Guests who want to swim with dolphins should be able to swim, must be over 6 years old and not wear any jewelry or accessories while swimming.
  • Guests who want to swim with dolphins should also not suffer from epilepsy and should not have any open wounds on any part of body.
Alanya Dolphin Show is certainly not just entertainment, but also an opportunity to acquaint children with the world of nature and its inhabitants. Such activities develop love for animals and strengthen the bonds between nature and people. Children and adults get great pleasure from communicating with dolphins, and photos and videos from the show will remain a wonderful reminder of the great holiday in Turkey.

If you have chosen Alanya for your vacation, then join the events that we have organized. All you need to do is choose one of our tours and book it.

Captivating Entertainment: The Alanya Dolphin Show at Sealanya

In the heart of the stunning Turkish Riviera, where the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean meet the picturesque landscapes, lies a mesmerizing world of aquatic wonderment – the Alanya Dolphin Show at Sealanya. This extraordinary spectacle has become a hallmark of entertainment and education, drawing visitors from across the globe to witness the graceful performances of these intelligent marine mammals.

A Symphony of Elegance and Intelligence

Sealanya, an esteemed marine park located in Alanya, Turkey, has gained widespread acclaim for its commitment to conservation, education, and awe-inspiring entertainment. At the forefront of its offerings stands the renowned Alanya Dolphin Show, a display that seamlessly blends the marvels of nature with the talents of expert trainers.

As visitors gather in the state-of-the-art amphitheater overlooking the crystalline waters, they are treated to a captivating symphony of elegance and intelligence. The dolphins – bottlenose dolphins, to be exact – are the stars of the show, showcasing their remarkable agility, strength, and remarkable ability to interact with their human counterparts.

Education Through Entertainment

While the Alanya Dolphin Show is a spectacle designed to entertain and amaze, it is also an important vehicle for education and awareness. Through the performances, visitors are introduced to the intriguing behaviors and natural instincts of these marine mammals. Each jump, flip, and synchronized movement serves as a testament to the bond that can develop between humans and animals when approached with respect and care.

Moreover, Sealanya places a strong emphasis on environmental conservation and the protection of marine life. The dolphin show serves as a platform to educate the audience about the challenges faced by marine ecosystems and how individuals can contribute to their preservation. This unique approach to blending entertainment and education sets the Alanya Dolphin Show apart from conventional attractions.

The Magic of Connection

At the heart of the Alanya Dolphin Show lies the magic of connection. As the dolphins and their trainers perform in harmony, a profound sense of admiration and appreciation washes over the audience. Witnessing these majestic creatures respond to cues and display their talents underscores the remarkable intelligence that exists within the animal kingdom.

But beyond the impressive displays of skill, the show encapsulates the emotional connection between humans and dolphins. The trust and mutual understanding that has been nurtured through positive reinforcement training methods are palpable, reinforcing the importance of compassion and empathy in our interactions with the natural world.

An Unforgettable Experience

For those fortunate enough to attend the Alanya Dolphin Show at Sealanya, the experience is nothing short of unforgettable. The awe-inspiring displays of athleticism and intelligence leave a lasting impression, as does the profound sense of responsibility instilled through the educational messaging.

As visitors exit the amphitheater, they carry with them not only cherished memories but also a newfound appreciation for the intricate beauty of marine life. The Alanya Dolphin Show at Sealanya serves as a reminder that the wonders of the natural world are deserving of our respect, protection, and celebration.

In the heart of the Turkish Riviera, where the sea and sky converge, the Alanya Dolphin Show stands as a beacon of inspiration, inviting us to marvel at the mysteries of the deep and to play our part in safeguarding the delicate balance of our planet's aquatic ecosystems.

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