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ALANYA AQUAPARK https://funnysidetours.com/

ALANYA AQUAPARK Our website is https://funnysidetours.com/

Alanya Aquapark is indispensable for entertainment lovers who decide to spend their holiday in Alanya. Especially preferred by children and those who do not grow up, Aquapark appeals to all ages with its 2000 person capacity. Alanya Aquapark, where you will spend your time with lots of fun apart from an ordinary holiday, is located in Okucular town. With 24 different slides designed for children and adults, rafting track, bungeejumping, wave pool, open-air disco and sea view terrace, which is among the indispensables of sea lovers, it provides you with the opportunity to have fun throughout the day. We think that you have no valid reason not to attend the Alanya Aquapark activities that invite you to have fun with Waterplanet, the water planet, the refreshing entertainment of hot summer days.

Aquapark appeals to people of all ages who want to have fun. Whether you want to relax with a sea view in the forest or to experience adrenaline, contact us to spend a happy holiday with Alanya Aquapark. As you will have the opportunity to raft in the artificial river in the aquapark, you can also experience the adrenaline at its peak by bungeejumping (extra).

24 slides with different features in Alanya Aquapark give you unforgettable moments of fun. Besides options such as AmlySlide, Balckhole, Slope Slide, Kamikaze and Multi Slide are waiting for you for breathtaking speed lovers. Kids Slides, one of the specially designed slides for children, contributes to your family fun.


The beauty of nature, which is our first choice when it comes to vacation, is the magical harmony of green and blue. Alanya Aquapark is a wonderful entertainment center established intertwined with nature. Aquapark, which will make the holiday fun for your children and yourself, offers the opportunity to enjoy the sun on the sun loungers among the lush trees.
We are at your service with our comfortable services and professional team for the Aquapark tour, where you will take a short break from life and enjoy your holiday, and go to the peak of entertainment. For this wonderful entertainment, we pick you up from your hotels with our services and set off for the Aquapark. You deserve to pamper yourself with our magnificent sea view and countless treats. If you wish, you can contact our company for Alanya Aquapark tour.

Aquapark working hours vary according to seasonal conditions. It is worth mentioning an important detail for those who want to enter the wave pool; Service is provided once a day. On the other hand, guests from outside are also accepted for the Aquapark. Check-in times for the Water Planet Delux rooms in the Aquapark start at 14:00 and check-out is made no later than 12:00. Absolutely no pets allowed. The open areas within the facility are also put into service according to seasonal conditions. For the little guests in the facility; There is a children's animation, a children's pool, a children's slide, a paid babysitter and a mini club for children aged 4-12.

Our guests are picked up from their hotels in Mahmutlar, Kestel, Oba, Alanya center, Konaklı, Payallar, Türkler, Avsallar, İncekum, Okurcalar at the specified times. Tour pick-up times will be notified to our guests by phone or e-mail after the payment is made.

(08-:00-09:30) Picking up our guests from their hotels by region
Aquaparkta freest time
(17:00-18:00) Dropping off our guests at their hotels
It is open from 10:00 to 17:00.
There are 24 slides.
Bungeejumping and rafting activities are at an additional cost.
Round-trip transfer
Lunch and 1 soft drink
All kinds of personal expenses, shopping (photos, souvenirs, etc…)
Drinks are available for an additional fee during the tour.
Towels, swimwear
Sunscreen, sunglasses
Money for personal needs

Places to see in Alanya https://funnysidetours.com/

Places to visit in Alanya https://funnysidetours.com/

When you think of places to visit and vacation in Alanya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, you can join a wonderful sightseeing tour in Alanaya and make the places you want to see fun with the team spirit. Considering the history and nature of places to visit in Alanya, they are endless. Of course, when you come to such a beautiful place, choosing sightseeing tours will be a more logical choice in terms of seeing every beauty waiting to be discovered.

You will have the chance to see natural wonders with our boat tour activities that we have prepared for places to visit in Alanya. Especially in the summer season, regular boat tours in Alanya attract great attention from domestic and foreign tourists. It would be wise to choose these tours to swim in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, cool off and have fun with colorful activities. Damlataş Cave, which is a source of healing for places to visit in Alanya, of course, takes its place in the first place. This unique beauty, which is only 1 km away from Alanya, awaits you as a protected natural wonder.

Watching this natural wonder with Alanya Castle will fascinate you. From the moment you climb to the castle, Cleopatra Beach, Alanya harbor, Cilvarda Cape and Keykubat Beach will give you a bird's-eye view pleasure that you cannot believe. While you are at Alanya Castle, we recommend you to visit the mosques and tombs here. During the castle tour, there are many places to take your tiredness and enjoy watching.

You should visit the Maiden's Tower, which has become the symbol of Alanya, and watch the view from the terrace on the top floor. You can capture wonderful poses for photo shoots from this place. Alanya Museum is a museum that carries the inspiration of history and is very close to the city center. Combined with the garden and living room arrangements and the richness of the works exhibited in it, beauties worth seeing await you. When you want to breathe and cool off in Alanya, the wide picnic areas around the Dim Stream will relax you with the different atmosphere of the tea gardens. Of course, it is not possible to come without seeing the Dim Cave on a trip to Dim Stream.

You can include a cultural activity in your plans with the Syedra Ancient City tour, which is one of the places to visit in Alanya. Surrounded by walls, this wonderful ancient city fascinates itself with its view. Another place that we will say not to miss during your Alanya trip will of course be the Observation Terrace. You will have the chance to watch Alanya from a bird's eye view from this place, which is 650 meters high from the sea, which amazes people especially at night.

Of course, it would not be wise to go without a boat tour when you come to this legendary holiday region. It will be a unique opportunity for those who want to watch history and nature with a sea tour and swim in waters of different depths. You can stop by Phosphorlu Caves, Lovers and Pirates Caves in the prepared boat tours and have fun on the boat. Boats that depart from the port, usually between 9-10 in the morning, first take a swimming break in front of the Maiden's Tower, known as Tersane Beach, and offer you an unforgettable diving experience. Then, by taking anchor to Antalya, it allows you to visit the bays in the region and witness all the beauties.

Alanya Hamam https://funnysidetours.com/

Alanya Turkish Bath Tour

Baths, which date back to ancient times and are among the indispensables of Turkish culture, attract the attention of foreigners coming from abroad, especially in touristic areas. Among the baths that have a relaxing effect, the Alanya baths continue to provide the best services to domestic and foreign tourists who come to the region on holiday. You can enjoy a peaceful holiday with Alanya baths that allow you to get rid of stress. When we look at the history of the bath, we see that it dates back to the Ancient Roman period. The baths, which were built for the main purpose of washing, have been used for entertainment in Turkish culture.

Pamper your soul

After a tiring holiday trip, your body will want to relax. The time you spend in Alanya baths, where your tiredness will end, will enable you to regain your old health and energy both mentally and physically. In your experience with Alanya hamam tours, first of all, you would like to say hello to the sauna pleasure. While sweating in the hot dry sauna and purifying the toxins and dead skin on your skin along with the scrubbing, you also feel that you are spiritually relaxed. After the sauna, which will relax you to your bones and open your pores, you will pass to the navel stone and meanwhile, a pouch is thrown by experts in the field. After the scrub, a foam massage awaits you, which is very effective in restoring your body. With this wonderful massage, you will have the opportunity to get rid of the material and spiritual dirt in your body. You will enjoy relaxation with these baths, which also offer solutions to different requests regarding body care.
After the foam massage applied after the scrub, another 20-minute wonderful massage with aromatic oils will be waiting for you.

Don't miss the hammam
You can use the Alanya baths whenever you want during your holiday. You can also benefit from the mud bath, salt and steam room free of charge in the Alanya bath tour prepared for you. You will have the opportunity to benefit from the scrub, foam and oil packs applied by masseurs who are experts in their fields.
The services included in the prices of our Alanya hamam tour include Guidance-Pouch-Foam and Oil massages. In addition, there are manicures, masks and pedicures. You can also benefit from sauna, jacuzzi and steam room free of charge in our hammam in Alanya.

With Alanya hamam tour, you will have the opportunity to relax by getting rid of stress and fatigue during your holiday. If you want to experience a difference during your holiday and to relax your body with the hot water of the baths and the table pouch, you can make a reservation without waiting any longer. There is no charge for children up to a certain age. How many hours and which day you want a bath is important in terms of reflecting the prices on the invoice. Surprise additional services are included in our package prices for the Turkish bath tour. You can choose a female masseur for women and a male masseur for men.

Information message:

You can make a reservation for the baths at any time between 09:00 in the morning and 19:00 in the evening.
If you have just come on holiday, we recommend you to come to the baths first for a change and innovation in your skin.
You can use the pool with your swimming trunks or shorts on your way to the hammam. We meet your different demands such as towels etc.
Do not bring your valuables to this facility while coming to the bath. This is important for your safety.
We do not recommend the baths to women who have health problems (especially blood pressure-heart) or to women who are pregnant.
We have different types of baths serving both men and women.
You can hand over the cost of the hammam to the guide friends when you are picked up from your hotel.

Transfer Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off
Scrub and Foam Massage
Oil Massage
Guidance Service

Not Included
Personal Expenditures and Gratuities
Mask and Other Massages

Manavgat boat tour https://funnysidetours.com/


Manavgat, the beautiful and charming district of Antalya, is always preferred as the first stop of holidaymakers with its natural structure and historical texture. Those who spend their holidays in Manavgat, which attracts attention with its geographical structure and waterfall, are on the verge of a unique opportunity for a boat tour. Our holidaymakers who are on holiday in the Manavgat region can join daily boat/yacht tours and get lost in the harmony of green and blue. Accompanied by the magnificent view of the Taurus Mountains, they can have the chance to watch the performances of dolphins in the bays of the Mediterranean. For holidaymakers who want to take a Manavgat Boat Tour, you can contact us to take part in our tours, while fun and exciting moments are waiting for you.
Tetilists who come to Manavgat to experience a unique holiday on the Mediterranean coast, feel like they are living the dance of green and blue in fairy tales, and prefer our Manavgat Boat Tour activities, which will add color to these unique feelings. You can join our boat/boat tour to see the brightest sun on the Mediterranean coast, where the turquoise color is dominant, and to experience the feeling of walking on the threshold of heaven with a sea tour. With our boat tours, you will enjoy many caves, swimming spots, animations and entertainment.
Our team picks you up from the hotel where you are staying and takes action from the marina. Say hello to a journey in the lap of the sea and green with a unique view at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. On our boat tour, where you will discover the unique coves of the Mediterranean, breaks are given for swimming enthusiasts. You will enjoy spending pleasant moments in our tours where lunch breaks and entertainments are organized. Our Manavgat boat tours are among the indispensable options for those who do not want to spend their holidays ordinary, who want to explore every corner of the Mediterranean and get lost in the beauties of deep waters.

Manavgat River Boat Tour

Movement place:
From all the Hotels in the Side-Manavgat Region and their immediate surroundings, we are taken with our vehicles and departed for Manavgat.

Mondays and Thursdays. Other Days are organized exclusively for Groups.

Our Manavgat Boat Tour is full day and includes lunch.

Our guests, who are taken from the hotels and their surroundings by air-conditioned luxury minibus or bus, travel with our Wooden Boats on the Manavgat River.

Our boats:
Lunch is served on boats for 30 to 150 people. Sometimes Live Music and sometimes Belly Dancer add color to our tour. 

Not included in the fee:
Drinks and personal expenses during the tour

Clothes :
Don't forget your swimsuit, towel and sunscreen! sfm-tur.com

Tour Program:

You will first get to know the Manavgat waterfall during your trip in this wonderful district. After visiting the Manavgat waterfall and taking a short break, you will come to the Marketplace by bus. Anything you can think of is sold here; vegetables, fruits, spices, dried fruits and of course all kinds of clothing and souvenirs. After this Sunday visit, you will get on a wooden boat over the Manavgat river, passing through fish farms, and arrive at the place where the river joins the sea. The place where the Manavgat river meets the sea… As you know, Istanbul is not like the Dardanelles Straits. It tastes like the Red Sea. A line in the middle… Open your arms to both sides, a river flows on one side and the sea on the other. Even the sparkles are different. It has a hidden square in each corner. Meals are also served on these boats for 30 to 150 people. The fun has no limits. Sometimes live music, sometimes belly dancers join the fun. After a delicious lunch and swimming break here, we are taking you back to your holiday destination.

Program :
* Pick-up of guests from the hotel
*Travel to Manavgat by bus
*Boat trip on the Manavgat river
*Lunch on the boat
*Swimming in the Manavgat river
*Back to hotel
Whatsapp rezervation : +905375088869

Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium https://funnysidetours.com/

Antalya Aquarium continues to add meaning to your summer vacation as one of the largest aquariums in the world. Revealing the colorful world of underwater, this huge aquarium deserves to be the largest tunnel aquarium in the world, with a length of 131 meters and a width of 3 meters.

There is no limit to the fun

With this gigantic structure, Antalya Aquarium opens a window to the magical world of the underwater. In the aquarium, which is flooded with visitors from all over the world and Turkey, you will pass out and you will not be able to hide your admiration at the beauties on display. While you have the opportunity to make snowballs from real snow during your visit to the Snow World and Ice Museum in the Antalya Aquarium complex, you can have the opportunity to examine the world's most interesting and poisonous tropical species in WildPark.

You can create a different frame in your memories with holywood green screen souvenir pictures during your Aquarium trip. In the aquarium, where you can have fun as you wish, you will also benefit from the souvenir options to take to your loved ones. If you want to have an unforgettable holiday by visiting this wonderful lively attraction center, which is 70 km away from Antalya Konyaaltı beach, it will be enough to contact us.

Antalya Aquarium sightseeing tour is one of the largest aquariums in the world and is a fun place worth seeing. Aquarium offers its guests a wide variety of entertainment options as well as a large aquarium. We continue to organize tours for you for the Aquarium, where excursion events are generally organized for schools and various activities are held. In the aquarium, there are not only entertainment centers, but also various dining options. There are places to eat such as McDonald's, Mado Cafe, Değirmen and Sushico.

Antalya Aquarium Fear Trophy

As we mentioned before, there are not only fish in the aquarium. Different animal species such as spiders, frogs, scorpions, snakes, crocodiles, chameleons and lizards are exhibited in sections created in different areas. Here, you will be able to see the world's most dangerous creatures in more than 70 compartments. With the sound system prepared in accordance with the environment, the sounds you hear while you continue your tour will make you feel like you are in the forest.

Antalya Aquarium Cinema

XD cinema, which is the most preferred section of especially student groups, allows them to have fun moments. Cinema turns into another pleasure with Oceanride, a 4D underwater movie featuring the most real images.

Antalya Aquarium visit days and hours

You can visit any day of the week. In fact, there is so much demand that it is open even on official days. When we look at the visiting hours, it is between 10:00 and 21:00 on Friday-Saturday. Between Sunday and Thursday, Antalya Aquarium opens at 10:00 and closes at 20:00.


Aquarium is one of the favorite entertainment centers of Antalya and includes many activities that will expand your imagination. In the unique shadow of the Taurus Mountains, it awaits you with its 5000 square meter grass area on the Konyaaltı beach, whether with school groups, corporate teams or friend groups. If you wish, you can come with your teammates and participate in many activities, from tug-of-war, to sack race, from bouncing balls to chair snatching, from archery to kite festivals. You can contact us without losing any more time for the Antalya Aquarium tour, where you can leave a sweet breeze to your memories with fun activities waiting for you in the open area. Our team guides you with its expert staff and provides convenience with reasonable price options in collective participation.




*Aquarium ticket


*Personal expenses


*You can take your camera with you.



Akdeniz'in incisi olan Antalya'nın Alanya ilçesi, her yıl binlerce turiste ev sahipliği yapmaya devam ediyor. Doğa harikası bu tatil beldesine gezi amaçlı yerli yabancı binlerce turist akın akın ediyor. Alanya tatilinde gönül rahatlığı ile gezebilmek ve bu eşsiz beldeyi karış karış gezmek için gelen turistler, çoğu zaman araca ihtiyaç duyuyor. Bu konuda her türlü araç ihtiyacını karşılayan firmamız aracılığı ile, tüm ihtiyaçlarınızı karşılayıp zahmetsizce Alanya turunu gerçekleştirebiliyorsunuz. Alanya oto kiralama  sektöründe en kapsamlı araçlar ile sorunsuz bir tatil, firmamız aracılığı ile sizlere sunulmaktadır.

Turistik açıdan en gelişmiş ilçeler arasında yer alan Alanya için bir çok kişi, farklı amaçlar ile bölgeye akın etmektedir. Bu geziler kimi zaman iş dolayısı ile olurken, çoğu zaman tatil amaçlı gerçekleşmektedir. Ren a car sektöründe bilgili ve deneyimli ekibimiz sayesinde, güven ortamını sizler için oluşturup, en iyi hizmeti verme çabası içerisindeyiz. Firmamızda bulunan araçların periyodik bakımları yapılırken, her ihtiyaca ve bütçeye uygun araç modellerini beğeninize sunmaktayız. Lüks bir otomobilden tutun, mütevazi bir araca kadar bir çok seçenek ile en iyi hizmeti uygun fiyat garantisi ile sizlere sunmaya devam ediyoruz.

Alanya'ya geldiğinizde nereden araç bulacağınız konusunda aklınızdaki soruları yanıtlayan ve kaliteli himzet vermeyi hedefleyen firmamız, yenilikçi hizmetleri ile hep en iyisini hedeflemektedir. Alanya rent a car hizmetlerinde aklınıza gelen ilk adres olan ekibimiz daima müşteri memnuniyeti odaklı çalışmaktadır.

Alanya tatili için geldiğiniz bu cennet köşesi olan ilçemizde, her bir ayrıntıyı kaçırmadan ve yorulmadan gezmek için araca ihtiyacınız olacak. Eğer kendi aracınız ile gelmediyseniz, uçak seyahatini tercih ettiyseniz, otobüs ile gezmek sizin hem vaktinizi alacak hem de yorucu bir gezi geçirmenizi sağlayacaktır. Aslına bakarsanız hiç böyle ayrıntılara takılmadan, direk bizimle iletişime geçerek, Alanya oto kiralama firmamız aracılığı ile kesenize uygun olan aracımızı  tercih ederek tatilin keyfini çıkarabilirsiniz. Dilerseniz şoförlü araç kiralama hizmetimizden de yararlanarak, zorluk çekmeden ve hiç bir güzel ayrıntıyı atlamadan turistik yerleri gezebilirsiniz. Alanya  oto kiralama firması olan ekibimiz ile iletişime geçtikten sonra, işinde uzman personelimiz ihtiyaçlarınızı gözden geçirerek taleplerinizi en iyi şekilde değerlendirecektir. Konforlu araçlarımız sizlerin dilediği tarihte şahsınıza teslim edilerek rahat bir tatil geçirmenizi sağlayacaktır.

Alanya merkezli oto kiralama firmamızdan dilerseniz aracınızı ayırt ederek, önceden rezerve fırsatlarından yararlanabilirsiniz. Tatil döneminde oldukça yoğun olan oto kiralamayı uygun fiyata gerçekleştirebilirsiniz. Anadolunun eşsiz güzelliklerini barındıran Akdeniz'in efsane ilçesi Alanya'yı gönlünüzce gezmek, ülkenin en güzel kıyı şeridine sahip, doğal güzellikleri ile  kendisine hayran bırakan bu ilçeyi baştan aşağı gezmeden gitmemeliniz. Tarihi dokusu ve doğal güzellikleri ile kısa zaman dilimlerine sığdırdığınız tatilinizde Alanya gezisi için oto kiralama sisteminden yararlanmak akıllıca bir davranış olacaktır. Elbette böylesi bir gezi turu için öncelikle Alanya'yı iyi bilmeniz ve gezeceğiniz yerleri önceden tespit etmeniz akıllıca olacaktır.
3 tarafı Toroslar ile çevrili bu cennet belde çok büyük bir koy  havasında ve yılın her mevsimi sıcak ve ılıman olması nedeni ile oldukça hareketli tatil yöresidir. Bu eşsiz tatil beldesiniz gönlünüzce gezebilmeniz için sizlere sunmuş olduğumuz Alanya oto kiralama fırsatından yararlanman için yapmanız gereken tek şey bizimle iletişime geçmek olacaktır.
Alanya araç kiralama firmamız ile sizlerde en iyi hizmeti alacağınızdan emin olabilirsiniz. Dilediğiniz marka ve modelde araçlarımız ile sizlere hizmet verirken araçların bakımlı ve temiz bir şekilde hizmetinize sunulduğunu bilmenizi isteriz. Sizlerde tatil için geldiğiniz Alanya gezisi için, Alanya oto kiralama firmamız ile iletişime geçerek uygun fiyata kaliteli hizmet ayrıcalığından faydalanabilirsiniz.