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Paragliding from Alanya https://funnysidetours.com/

Paragliding from Alanya

no experience required
Paragliding from Alanya, enjoy your flight. Leave the technical skills to your experienced pilot and enjoy the view from your seat.
Alanya offers the best tandem paragliding site in Turkey. Spectacular views over Alanya and the sea. Your flight will take you over Alanya's famous Castle and bird's eye views of the white beach. After a 25 to 35 minute flight, you will land close to the beach.
Reservations are essential, do not leave until the last day as we are subject to weather conditions.
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Alanya dolphin show https://funnysidetours.com/

Alanya Dolphin show

Alanya dolphin show is a wonderful journey beyond the world of the ocean. A unique place of life, energy, excitement and mystery with dolphins. Alanya Dolphin Show Time. You will be amazed at the skills of our marine mammals and the friendliness of these incredible creatures and trainers. You can experience swimming with dolphins.

You can spend about 25 minutes in the water with the dolphins in the Alanya dolphin show. Swimming, stroking and of course swimming with dolphins in Alanya. You will love this wonderful experience. The trip is a great choice for the whole family. Make your vacation even more memorable. One of the largest marine aquariums in the world awaits you. Entered from the tropical beach, this pool awaits you with an aquarium, coral reefs, and thousands of colorful fish.

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Alanya Rafting https://funnysidetours.com/

Alanya Rafting

In our country, where every corner is a paradise, Alanya is one of the centers that people especially prefer for nature sports. Domestic and foreign tourists, who join Alanya Rafting tours and combine the taste of the holiday with adrenaline, experience unforgettable moments. Rafting is a very exciting and adrenaline-filled sport that people of all ages can participate in and that we recommend to those who have no health problems to try once in their lifetime.
You will have the chance to experience unforgettable moments thanks to the Alanya Rafting Tour, which you will choose to take a breather from the sweltering temperatures while on holiday on the Mediterranean coast.

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Rafting lovers here

Sports enthusiasts who do rafting in the cool waters flowing in the middle of the canyon in Alanya also witness breathtaking nature views. If you want to add color to your summer vacation with a different activity, you can have the opportunity to experience exciting moments by joining our Alanya rafting tours.

We are waiting for you in our rafting tours

In Alanya rafting sport, according to the difficulty level, different options are offered by our company in the form of 1-2-3 degrees. We recommend you to join our tours, which consist of rafting organization full of adrenaline excitement and fun, on the "Köprüçay" with wonderful views, in the town of Beşkonak, in the Köprülü Canyon region. The water temperature in this wonderful river is 12 degrees and its width is 12 meters. The region, which has a depth of 3 meters, is an indispensable place for rafitng enthusiasts. Our tours are carried out with inflatable boats for 8-10 people, and at the same time, they are carried out in the company of our professional guides who speak foreign languages.
  If you are planning a holiday to Alanya and its surroundings in the near future and adventure is not indispensable for you, you can experience that exciting adrenaline you are looking for with us. We organize rafting tours in Alanya with our professional nature sports team. In addition to the daily tours we have prepared, independent VIP Rafting tours for individuals and groups are also available in our organizations.


*Transfer from hotels
*Arrival at Beşkonak Köprülü canyon;
*Information about rafting in our facility
* Distribution of necessary clothing and equipment for rafting (life vest, helmet, paddle, etc.)
*Departure to the starting point in front of the ancient roman bridge with our vehicles
* Walking, swimming and photo breaks at the small waterfalls and historical Roman bridge in the Köprülü Canyon National Park.
*Scattering to the boats and the first part of rafting with a professional guide on each boat (takes about 10 km)
*Lunch break in our restaurant
* After getting on the boats again, the remaining 3.6 km rafting track is completed and we arrive at our facility at the finish point.
* Watching your photos and videos taken by our professional team during the rafting tour on the cinevision screen.
•Back to hotels


*Lunch (grilled chicken, meatballs, rice, pasta, salad, fruit)
* Rafting main equipment (life jacket, helmet, paddle, boat)


* DVD, photos

*Extra discount is applied to our guests for 2 persons or more.
*You should bring a towel, swimsuit, shorts, sunscreen, shoes suitable for water, sandals, etc., and an extra T-shirt.
*We do not recommend buying valuables, money, metal accessories (necklaces, earrings, tags, etc.). You can only get some money for drinks and tour DVDs, photos.
*Participants must be over 5 years old. Pregnant women cannot participate.
* You should choose shoes with low slippery properties suitable for water conditions.
*The only disadvantage of rafting tours from Alanya is the long route. To facilitate this, we make our transfers with comfortable and air-conditioned vehicles.
*You can pay the tour fee to our guide at the beginning of the tour.


ALANYA JEEP SAFARİ https://funnysidetours.com/


If you are making holiday plans for Alanya, one of the most beautiful districts of Antalya, and if excitement and adrenaline are indispensable for you, we recommend you to join a jeep and safari tour. Hosting thousands of tourists every year, Alanya is one of the most suitable places for jeep and safari tours. Alanya Jeep Safari Tour, which is the choice of those who do not like ordinary holidays, adrenaline enthusiasts and those who want to leave their mark on the holiday with unforgettable memories, brings you many activities through our company. We have given you information about our Alanya jeep safari tour activities as the most preferred holiday activity where there is an intense tourist influx.

Alanya Jeep Safari

 For Alanya Jeep Safari tour, our team will take you from your hotels in the morning and take the first step of the tour. Our expert drivers consist of people who have local documents and authorization for the jeep tour. During the Jeep tour, they will take care of you and show friendliness and sincerity.
  During our safari tour, jeeps first turn the route to Alanya Observation Terrace, which has the most beautiful view. It will be good to have a camera with you so that you can take a lot of photos that will be remembered in the future against this wonderful view. Here, you will be given preliminary information about the jeep tour and action will be taken for the next route. Our jeeps leaving the Seyir Teras begin to head towards the villages as a new direction. It is at this time that Off-Road enjoyment is invaluable and water wars are inevitable. We recommend that you keep your electronic items that may get wet in water wars in your bag. This is the most fun part of the safari tour.
Right after the off-road tour, we continue to visit mysterious villages among the Taurus mountains. In these precious villages that have not lost their originality, you get the opportunity to eat pancakes from the hands of sincere-hearted aunts. If you wish, you can buy handcrafted necklaces and ornaments to keep a souvenir from the region. While visiting places such as mosques, village houses and schools in our village tours, our guide, who is with you, continues to provide you with extensive information at all times.

After visiting the village houses, while continuing on the road, canyons of various sizes start to stand out and short breaks are given for you to take pictures in these canyons. Dim Dam, which is one of the first to come to mind when Alanya is mentioned, is visited and if you wish, you can ride a camel here for an authentic trip. In the afternoon, dinner is served on the river, passing to Dimçay. After the lunch break, you can enjoy swimming in Dimçay. However, it should be noted that the water in this area is very cold. As a difference, you can choose it for fishing or different activities. After the event here, Off-Road is done in the forest and preparations are made for the return. In the afternoon, the return to your hotels or apartments begins with the joy and excitement of making this wonderful event take its place in your memories. One of the most beautiful activities to be done in Alanya, the jeep safari tour gives you unforgettable moments with our team. We invite you to our jeep safari tours, which we hope will be among your plans for your Alanya holiday.


Every day

Transportation, Guidance, Insurance, Lunch.
·Personal Expenditures

Our tour is made with 4x4 land jeeps for 10-12 people used by our drivers. Along the route, mainly Alanya castle, the route is about 80 km by passing through forest, off-road, stabilized and asphalt roads. Lunch is served in Alanya's famous picnic area Dim Stream. Don't forget your swimsuit and towel if you want to swim in cold water.

You will enjoy getting to know the city of Alanya both by having fun and by walking around the garden and mountains in the open air.

Our tour starts at 10:00 and ends at 17:00.

Don't forget
· Our shuttles will pick you up from your accommodation for the tour and drop you off again. It is included in the tour price.
· Keep your Camera and Camera with you for beautiful views.
· Carry sunscreen to protect you from sunburns in hot months.
· The entrance fee to Dim Cave is extra. ( 15 TL ) Anyone can enter.
· Off-roads and Water fights take place in our tour. It is possible to swim in the Dim River. Do not forget to bring a bikini and swimwear with you.